We’re here!

Meet Brian, the female iguana. Apparently it’s difficult to tell what sex they are when young.

We’ve made it to Costa Rica!  A little bleary-eyed and sleep deprived but we arrived after a red-eye flight from Seattle to Houston (6 hours) and then it was just another hop over from Houston to San Jose, CR (3 hours).  It’s 83 degrees and a bit humid but there was sun, and that’s what matters most to rain-soaked Washingtonians.  Our lovely host families were waiting for us outside the airport with signs in hand and whisked us away to their homes.

On the drive over, Hector and Rocio pointed out a couple of toucans eating fruit in the trees and upon arrival, I met their son Jose David and their managerie: 3 full-grown iguanas, 2 baby iguanas (hatched by Jose David), 2 rabbits (although one had been loaned to a relative to propagate their litter), a boa constrictor, and a dog.

Linda getting friendly with the boa.

Baby iguana

Lucky me, today was the day that the snake was scheduled to eat so I was given the opportunity to watch the food chain in action.  Afterwards, we sat down to a (thankfully) vegetarian dinner.  All in all, it’s been a great first day.  No rain yet so we’re keeping our fingers crossed!


Dinner with Hector and JoseDavid

Sopa negro

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4 thoughts on “We’re here!

  1. Jo-Ann on said:

    We will be following your adventures from our living room in Lake Stevens. Looking forward to seeing your photos and reading about your time in CR. Interesting soup. Egg and black bean or greens?

    Wishing you a safe (and dry) journey and a really good rest tonight, Jo-Ann and family

  2. Fayla Schwartz on said:

    Phebe and Linda,

    I am so glad you are there, and I know your trip will be wonderful. Enjoy the welcoming people and the beautiful country of Costa Rica. Pura vida!

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