Shadow Play

Light! Constant blessing of the equatorial sun.

And it’s contrast and counterpart – Shadow.


Scribbler channels Magritte as Playwright

Depicting the subtleties of their relationship is a major key to capturing the illusion of form and space in drawings and on camera. I understand that recognizing and organizing contrasts of shapes is one of our first steps in  learning to see as babies.

With the Caribbean beach of Tortuguero National Park as our backdrop and the cameo appearance of a neighborhood dog along for the walk, we find ourselves in a Shadow Play.


Opening Act

Friendship in the World of Shades



Stage Directions: (CANINE gazes stage right as SCRIBBLER towers downstage)


Closing Scene

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3 thoughts on “Shadow Play

  1. Rebecca Gordon on said:

    Lovely shadow play. Wish my shadow was there cast across the tropical sands as well. Enjoy,
    Rebecca Gordon – Glacier Bay Alaska – raining and holding at 50 degrees.

    • lberkley on said:

      Thanks, Becky. Shall we send messages via hummingbird (who migrate the whole distance in season in 36 hours!)? You have a different set of wonder where you are. Enjoying, Scribbler

  2. We here in Cordova, AK, haven’t even seen our shadows in weeks even ‘though it doesn’t get dark at night. Sun? What’s that?? Glad you’re having fun in the sun! luv ya, Joan

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