Life’s a Beach

Playa Samara

Since we’d been working soooo hard, and in the name of good research, we thought we’d finish our time together in Costa Rica with a visit to a couple of beaches.  Having heard from some of the UGA staff that Playa Samara was close and also a nice, low-key beach that locals frequented, we packed up our bags and headed to the coast!

We had taken Interbus, which is a private shuttle that takes tourists from the various major tourist attractions around Costa Rica efficiently in small, 9 passenger vans for a reasonable price of around $35-45 previously; however, we found that we would be unable to do that to Samara presumably because it’s off the beaten path.  So we ended up going with a private transport company, which cost a little more but would get us to our destination without having to take half the day and make 3-4 transfers on the public bus.  Along the way, we stopped at a rest area and lo and behold, there was a tree full of these guys flying around.

Scarlet macaws

There’s something amazing about seeing scarlet macaws in flight.  Their sheer length and color is something to behold.

When we finally reached our destination, we were pleased to see that the place was right on the beach.  We literally could tumble out of bed and be on the beach in less than a minute.  The place also included a kitchen and it was also fun to learn that the owners, Phyllis and her husband Bill, were formerly from Seattle but had escaped to Samara for warmer climes.  They had a menagerie of animals as well including 3 cats, a dog, and a paraplegic red squirrel.

Howler monkey


On the second day we stayed there, we were visited by a howler monkey whom Bill tried to tempt with a banana.  However, he was still a bit too wild to risk getting so close to humans, evens those proffering something so desirable.

Bill with banana



We settled very easily into beach life: spending the mornings beach combing and swimming, doing some drawing and reading, walking to town or to the nearby grocery store for some fresh fruit, going for an evening dip after the afternoon rains, and cooking our own dinner with the fresh fish sold by the local fisherman.  (This fish was so fresh that you could smell the ocean when you opened up the bag.  Phyllis and Bill’s cat started meowing like crazy once we did so.  Now that’s good fish!)  We also picked up boogey boards and had a blast riding the waves alongside one of our neighbor’s 4 year old child.  Now that kid had no fear!

We had three restful days here where we realized just what a hectic pace we’d been keeping up in the other places we stayed.

Beach combing

Life's a beach!

Life’s a beach!

Here at Samara, we took things easy, went on no tours, and just enjoyed the lovely beach.  It was wonderful.  Sometimes you have to learn from the creatures around you and in this case, we took our cue from the cats.  Pura vida!

Life’s a beach!

Moon over the beach

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  1. Véronique on said:

    What a fabulous trip!

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