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One year after our inaugural journey to Costa Rica, I gathered in the Seattle airport with the first students of the Everett Community College Costa Rica Study Abroad program ( Scribe, aka Phebe, is physically remaining at home this year as we build the momentum of our program;but with us in spirit. Excited and nervous with built up anticipation (did we pack everything? would we find each other?), four of the six travelling found each other at our common departure gate. I met Juanita and Laura, mother and daughter team, and Oscar, who conveyed the dismaying news that Brenna could not make the flight because she had discovered her passport expired in three days! (read Brenna’s account in her post in the related EVCC Study Abroad blog). We hope to see her on Wednesday with a new passport in hand. We would meet our final traveller, Danyka, at the airport in San Jose later in the day as she was taking a different flight.

A red-eye flight connected us through Denver. Mt. Rainier stood above the landscape below us like a sentinel in alpine glow as we took off. I watched the mountain landscape sculpted in fading relief by the setting sun pass below us. Arriving in Denver and dark by then, strings of lightening strikes illuminated thunderheads along the horizon as we landed to change planes on to San Jose Costa Rica.

Our CPI Language School host Jeff Campbell met and welcomed us at the airport. We were driven to the school headquarters in San Joaquin de Flores near Heredia. Jeff hails from Savannah, Georgia originally,  is fluent in Spanish and is familiar with the CPI program and the region having participated  for two years previous.  We took an early morning walk about in San Joaquin, snacking on ripe papaya opened for us by a local street vendor and local pastries fresh at the bakery, even passing a horse or ‘caballo’ hanging out behind a fence of a local house like a pet. We rested in the open air courtyard of the CPI school until Danyka’s flight arrived, then continued up into the foothills overlooking the Central Valley to the beautiful setting of La Contessa hotel for our first night’s rest in Costa Rica. I fell asleep and awoke as calls of flocks of green Parrots echoed across the valley at dusk and dawn.

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2 thoughts on “Students Abroad

  1. Ann Berkley on said:

    Dearest Linda,

    I have enjoyed reading your CR update and glad to have the BB soup recipe.

    I returned yesterday afternoon after having a super time with my high school friend, Ruth, and her family. One of her granddaughters graduated from high school and her family (Ruth’s son+++) threw a HUGE roasted pig, shrimp and salmon party with all of the trimmings. There must have been 100 people in attendance. It was a great party and Ruth and I had such a wonderful time catching up. We barely scratched the surface (how do you recant 58 years in 24 hours?) ;and parted promising to continue our visit this fall when I make my way south again (she lives in Stockton, practically across the street from the motel I stay in when I go through there!).

    .I had my annual physical last week and passed with flying colors.

    Now, on to the next event this summer–going to Montana for a visit with the Bugbees, Addingtons and an assortment of my old friends, winding up in Butte with my friend, Laney. I will take the Big Hole/Lochsa Pass route home through Idaho and eastern Oregon–recalling our trip up over that pass and you skinny dipping.

    Cecil is happy about your planned visit here in August for the fair as am I.

    The next event for me is to come up there for a short visit, then on to Victoria to spend time with my friend Diane, afterward down to Sequim for a visit with Pete, and on south for a visit with my friend Reba, from Alamos, on my way home. It feels good to have all of these plans and getting out and about.

    I think about you frequently during the day and hear you speaking Spanish with an Italian/French accent. [?]

    I love you–have a wonderful time! mom

    On Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 7:39 AM, scribbler & scribe wrote:

    > ** > lberkley posted: ” One year after our inaugural journey to Costa Rica, > I gathered in the Seattle airport with the first students of the Everett > Community College Costa Rica Study Abroad program ( > Scribe, aka Scribbler, is physically > remaini”

  2. Rebecca Gordon on said:

    Hey Linda,
    I didn’t realize you were in Costa Rica again. Send my regards to the green parrots, the green jungle and know I’m green with envy over your creative tropical adventure. May all go fabulously well. Enjoy!
    Becky Gordon

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