mariposa, Danyka, butterfly, La Paz

‘Mariposas’ – World of Wings

mariposa, Danyka, butterfly, La Paz

Danyka’s expression reflects our joyful encounter with a room filled with living butterflies at the La Paz Waterfall Gardens.


Cocoon Display

Mating Pair

Mating Pair

Transluscent Pattern

Transluscent Pattern

feeding station

Feeding Station

butterfly, Mariposa, La Paz

Laura offers juice from a pineapple to her passenger.



Cocoon Development

Cocoon Development

mariposa, butterfly, La Paz

Our guide, Javier, assists a butterfly into palms by delicate transfer, careful not to disturb the wing scales.

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2 thoughts on “‘Mariposas’ – World of Wings

  1. Véronique on said:

    Beautiful butterflies and so much fun to follow your posts again. Have a fantastic trip!

  2. Love all the mariposas! That blue one is nifty!

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