Hello, we are Scribbler (Linda) and Scribe (Phebe), two community college instructors who strongly believe in the power of travel to bring about a more just and wonder-filled world.  We have both benefited enormously from our own travels abroad and want to share that experience with our students at Everett Community College.  We hope to use both art and writing as a lens to experience and record all that we encounter.

Phebe (Scribe) teaches writing at Everett Community College and went on her first solo backpacking trip shortly after graduating from college.  She spent six weeks in Europe, visiting England, France, Italy, Spain, and Greece and has been traveling since.  After living for a few years in Asia, she settled back in Washington and feels lucky to be working with some amazing colleagues and students here at the college.  The weirdest things she’s eaten/drunk are fermented mare’s milk (Kyrgyzstan), crickets (Mexico), and snake (Taiwan).

Linda (Scribbler) teaches studio art at Everett Community College, including drawing, painting and design. She is a professional artist working in painting, drawing, mixed media and illustration since 1986. Linda is a graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and received her MFA at the University of Arizona, Tucson. She completed her Natural Science Illustration Certificate through the University of Washington in 2010.  Her art work has been exhibited both locally and nationally and may be viewed at http://www.lindaberkley.net.

Linda teachingLinda loves sharing the creative process of art with students and feels that observing the world through art is one of the most powerful ways to connect with life. She has helped document an archaeological dig in Italy, played basketball for the Buckland Women’s League above the Arctic Circle (arriving by snowmobile), worked as a “jeune fille au pair” in Paris, and still thinks taking the bus to visit art galleries in Seattle is a great adventure, especially with her sketchbook!


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